The Anna Segreto's Sardinian craft work is the result of the experience of a special craftswoman who felt in love with the loom.

She wanted reproducing her wool, linen and cotton textiles which in the past were destined exclusively to domestic handicraft. The production is inspired by the past respecting the old traditions. The intent is to preserve and appreciate this old and precious form of art also during the phase of weaving. We draw old and modern drawings on linen, cotton and wool by the antique techniques called “pipionis” (in lief) or “litzus” (flat drawing). With these materials we realize also the fundamental components of the equipment: from tablecloths and towels to curtains and centrepieces.

The pipionis motifs are often enhanced with  “gigliuccio”, “punto quadro”, simple ajour or “a colonnette” and “punto antico” motifs. They are elaborated in a graceful and refined way linked up to old techniques and motifs of weaving. Embroidery and lace crocheted are utilized to give brightness and sentimentality to every article which can be appreciated in our show-rooms of Villamassargia and Villasimius. It is possible to admire also household furniture, interior design and exterior design. The stylized lapwing which in the past was an antique Sardinian chests, nowadays is on furnitures, glass, lamps and tapestries thanks to the Anna Segreto’s manual dexterity which is improved since she was young when she observed her neighbour while she was weaning.

Nuovo gazebo esterno - esposizione mobili e oggetti d'arredamento