Our textile laboratory is the result of Anna Segreto's experience and passion

An artisan who is brought up since childhood to the use of the loom, with entrepreneurship and a renovating taste, she has decided to propose those textile manufactured articles in flax, wool and cotton which before they were exclusively destined to a form of domestic craftsmanship.

Nowadays  the textile workshop fits  perfectly in today’s economy and it is closely related to the tradition. It follows that the horizontal looms which are in the laboratory are exclusively by manual work like an example of craft quality.


By  pibiones and by littuzus  to a wide assortment of manufactured articles destined to the furnishings of the house: curtains, pillows, tablecloths, carpets etc. according to the customer’s demand who would like an unique piece in its kind, both for dimensions and colors and for figurative forms that belongs to the Sardinian iconographic patrimony.

Our production, that is inspired to the past with the aim to safeguard and to increase the value of an ancient art appreciated both in Italy and in foreign countries, it can be seen partly in the section catalogue of products and the whole art in the show-rooms of Villamassargia and Villasimius in Sardinia.

We sell the products directly in our show-rooms, we design and we directly furnish the most beautiful villas and apartments in every angle of Italy and also in foreign countries. With our products and textiles matching set, we have furnished many of the major hotels in Sardinia.